The Montrose
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The Montrose are certainly a community bar. From the day Savanity and Gene took over the ownership of The Montrose they have opened their doors to all. We have held at least two meetings there for Women owned businesses. They have organized a Halloween crawl and hosted fundraisers for schools and elected officials and hosted a huge pregnant moms meet up. But most of all we welcome their honesty as business owners and community partners; they challenge us in what we are doing and challenge themselves to do better. It's inspirational. We haven't even mentioned the activities they host every evening from the famous live karaoke to game nights. For now as we start to re-open and see our friends in our community again, go check out their pick up window and the new hot dog menu and catch a Savanity or Gene smile! Joanna & Mark Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District #theother5th

— Joanna Tallantire
Deputy Director
Park Slope Fifth Avenue BID


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Every small business owner has the fear of 'handing in their keys' or closing their doors permanently due to COVID-19, but this cannot be a first response. There is always a small voice in the heads of these owners screaming about data and sales that are not happening due to COVID-19. Or as most have done, like The Montrose, due to no sales or income for almost three months. But this is what makes a small business owner shine: We find ways to survive.

— Rachael DePalma


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Show solidarity with the Black community by putting your money straight into Black-owned businesses. One incredibly important, tangible way to show up is by supporting Black-owned restaurants, which is why we’ve put together this list of NYC’s Black-owned restaurants, organized by borough and neighborhood, that are currently open for delivery and takeout.

— Hannah Albertine, Nikko Duren, Bryan Kim, Arden Shore, and Matt Tervooren